My Favorite Strategy for Getting Things Done

I think I’ve mentioned in a previous post how I used to be a terrible procrastinator. I did. I would put things off endlessly or pretend there wasn’t a deadline. Then the task would hang over my head and nag at me until the guilt was overwhelming.

What holds us back from starting a project or doing a task? I think it is often because we don’t know where to start. We see the whole project as one enormous boulder and no way to get a grip on it to move it. My number one strategy to get a grip on the boulder is to break the project/task into manageable steps.

For example, making a photo book. I did a post recently on steps for making a photo book. These steps could be broken down into even more manageable steps. For example, the first step is gathering the photos. This step could be broken down into 3 steps. 1) Gather photos from Instagram. 2) Gather photos from Facebook. 3) Gather photos from computer. If you able to even just gather the photos from Instagram, you could check off that first step and voila! Progress! I think it’s super important to feel a sense of progress especially during a big project.

Just identifying these steps can also expose what piece of the project is the piece that is overwhelming you. A recent example from my own life is finding dental insurance for my husband. We’ve been putting some dental work off for some time (two years!) because we lacked the funds. We finally have the money to move forward and I signed him up for a dental plan. I expected I would get a confirmation email from the company, but some time passed and nothing came. I found myself paralyzed by this task. I realized that the first step was to call the company and this caused me to also realize that I was nervous about calling for some reason. For myself at least, I often find an emotional element that is preventing me from finishing a task or project.

What helps you get things done?



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