Thoughts on the New Year

I love the smell of a freshly waxed new year. I know it’s mostly symbolic and I could technically get a “fresh start” anytime. But there is something about January and the numbers “2016,” numbers that I will inevitably write wrong on my checks for the next two months.

As a child, I loved making a long list of lofty and impossible New Year’s Resolutions. As an adult, I refuse to disappoint myself in that way. Some years I made some loose goals for myself. This year I’ve chosen a phrase. While I wish this year was going to be a year of “rest,” I know some of the things it will hold will not be so restful. Therefore, for me, 2016 will be the year of:

New Opportunities

risk, courage, trust

I’m reminding myself to be open minded about the new opportunities that I will and may encounter this year. I want to remember that it might be risky, have the courage to face it, and trust God with the outcome.

Have you set any goals for 2016?


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