Dumpster Diving

I like couponing, I love finding a great sale, and I really love getting stuff for free. Like furniture. A couple weeks ago, I was waiting outside to get picked up to head to a wedding. As I looked around, I saw what looked like a chair over by our apartment’s dumpster. I decided to have a look. Lo and behold, this wasn’t just any chair, this was an Ikea Poang chair.

When my ride drove up a few minutes later, we hefted the chair (and footrest) back into my apartment. I ran the cloth covers through the wash, and I am now the proud owner of a practically new Ikea Poang chair. It’s so comfy that every time I sit in it, I want to take a nap. I had been wanting some different furniture for our living room, but I certainly wouldn’t have been able to purchase anything like this. Now all I have to say is, “Thanks, God! It was just what I wanted.”

What are the odds that it would match the rest of my livingroom???


Tell me about an awesome find of yours (free or just a really great sale)!

How Self-Centeredness is My Marriage’s Worst Enemy

I’m presently working my way through a book called Spousonomics: Using Economics To Master Love, Marriage, and Dirty Dishes. The title sparked my interest, and it’s an enjoyable read, although I find the lengthy explanations of economics a bit tiring. I’m only a few chapters in, but so far the book has covered a few of the main conflicts that married couples face. The first chapter is called “Division of Labor, Or, Why You Should Do the Dishes.” As I read through each “Case Study,” where the authors describe real life couples in real life situations, I thought through what my husband and I have fought about the most.

One evening, I brought this book up in conversation with my husband, and we discussed what seems to cause us to enter a “rough patch.” It’s not division of labor (I foresee that as a future problem, but it’s neutral for the time being).It’s not money or finances. Not because we never argue about money, but because going through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University together really helped get us on the same page.

When we hit a rough patch, communication breaks down, and we start avoiding each other. This rough patch can sometimes be triggered by extreme stress/strain, or tough work schedules. I find though that the first thing to switch over is my attitude. I start thinking about the kind of husband my hubby is or is not being. I think about how he NEVER does _________[fill in the blank]. He ALWAYS does ______[fill in the blank], just to annoy me. Every little idiosyncrasy suddenly rears its head. When I’m 100% in this mode, every other move he makes is irritating to me. I suddenly feel a surge of fear and ask myself, “What is happening to my marriage?” Sometimes it takes a confrontation to get me to start analyzing myself. I’ll realize that I have switched my brain over to thinking entirely about MYSELF, MY needs, what I want to do, how I am not being served.

When my heart is in a humble/desperate enough state to stop criticizing for a second, then I realize what I am doing and start turning those questions around. How am I serving my husband’s needs? How am I being kind to him? What would he like to do? What is he feeling? How is he doing? Usually this exercise is enough to bring me off my high horse. Having redirected my focus on what I could be doing to be a better wife, I find that all those annoying idiosyncrasies (that were driving me crazy just 10 minutes ago) suddenly dissolve into the background. I usually find that I am not being kind, and have not looked for ways to serve my husband.

I’m going to end with a passage from a book I hold in high regard. It was given to me by a professor while I was attending college. From The Friendship Factor by Alan Loy McGinnis:

“D.L. Moody was one of the greatest Christian evangelists who ever lived. He could hold a crowd in the palm of his hand, won thousands of converts to the faith, and established several religious institutions. Yet he never displayed the pompous air of self-importance that so many famous evangelists did in that era. He was a tolerant, understanding man who rarely criticized. One of his famous sayings was, ‘Right now I’m having so much trouble with D.L. Moody that I don’t have time to find fault with the other fellow.’ ”



A Housewifey Day

I just felt “housewifey” today and had to share. Since I spent last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday laid up with a migraine, none of the housework or laundry got done. I rested Sunday since I was feeling a little better, and then today, rolled up my sleeves and got to work. The Housewifey Successes of today:

  • Went to Office Depot because of a coupon deal I had read about, and actually scored these cool labels for FREE!

  • Made a trip to Fred Meyer with a coupon, got a great deal from their 40% clothing clearance AND scored 4 bags of Tillamook Cheese ($1 each).
  • Ran into Winco for a couple things. Got home to realize my cinnamon got rung up as bacon bits. I think I got a good deal on that cinnamon bacon bits.
  • Dusted and cleaned the floors! (very important because Baldue the cat leaves behind a heinous amount of cat hair in the summer) It’s amazing what a difference that small amount of cleaning makes.
  • Now I’m going to take a nap. And hey, I don’t even need a coupon–it’s free!

Getting A Great Deal

…out of life!

Well, this post is actually more about getting a great deal with your money. Just thought I would share a few sites with some great deals to check out.


Click on my referral link to sign up. Groupon features a daily deal (must be purchased that day) on anything from clothing to coffee. They have also recently added a Groupon Now! feature (not available in all cities yet) so that you are not limited to the featured deal of the day.


Click this link to view Target’s deal of the day. Again, the deal must be purchased the same day it is featured. I have seen some really great sales on this site. Even better, free shipping comes with these daily deals.

Frugal Living NW

This site has a regular feed that includes links to free samples, links to printable coupons, and posts about the best deals at the main grocery stores.

Money Saving Mom

This site features the author’s video tips on budgeting, as well as links to coupons, samples, deals, etc.


This site does not include every restaurant in any city, but you do get a wide variety of options and they often have a deal for 80% off. Be aware of the fine print: required gratuity and required minimum purchase at some restaurants.



Try this…

Here are a few things to brighten your Monday.

Make these delicious White Chocolate Cranberry Granola Bars. These are my new standby–cheap to make and low calorie. I used regular milk in place of the evaporated milk.


Visit this blog: Eighteen25. They feature fun giveaways and easy DIY projects.


Read this book: “What Every Body Is Saying” by Joe Navarro–a body language guide written by a retired FBI agent.

Listen to this song: “The Great Love Story” by Jimmy Needham.

Until my next post…thanks for reading!