3 Ways to Stay Sane as a SAHM

For those not familiar with the lingo, “SAHM” stands for Stay at Home Mom. And that’s me. Lately it’s been feeling like an incredible amount of work and I’ve been rather overwhelmed. We were sick with various viruses for nearly 2 months, which put me farther and farther behind on cleaning and various household tasks. I’ve really had to sift through my task list and prioritize to keep myself but going crazy and becoming too exhausted. Here are 3 things I’m doing to stay sane.housewife-23868_1280

1. Napping or resting during naptime. It’s so tempting to run around getting stuff done while the kids are out of my hair. However, that means that when they wake up I’m exhausted from all the things I was doing. Even if I don’t nap, I force myself to lie down on the couch. I either read, watch a show, or surf the internet.

2. Writing things down the second I think of them. There are so many little things I have to do, some more important than others. Long ago, I abandoned the idea that I might actually remember things on my own, and the second the thought occurs to me, I write it down. I have a grocery app on my phone where keep a list of food I need to buy. I have several task lists on my phone and one on the fridge.

3. Clocking off when the kids go to bed. Generally, I stop all work when my kids go to bed. I think of it as clocking off. I stop running laundry. I stop trying to do dishes. I stop making phone calls. I wash my face, brush my teeth, and enjoy some tea or a treat while reading or watching a show.

What keeps you sane during the week?


Starting my journey with essential oils

When my essential oils kit arrived last Wednesday, it felt like Christmas all over again!! I started using essential oils about 3 years ago because I couldn’t seem to stop getting sick. I bought some Thieves oil to use. Since then, I’ve tried a couple other oils, done a lot of reading and research, and been waiting for the funds to splurge on the premium kit from Young Living. IMG_20160217_134422

Essential oils seems to be one of those dividing topics. I know a lot of people who use and sell Doterra. I also know a lot of folks who use and sell Young Living. My research and reading led me to Young Living. These two companies are not the only ones, but just wanted to highlight these two.

The premium kit from Young Living is pricey, and once I decided I wanted it, I waited a year to buy it. And that’s because as of February 11th, my husband and I are debt free! That’s another post in itself, but I wanted to focus today on essential oils.

Also, I feel like I should add that although I will be using these oils, I am not planning on selling them! I’m writing this post just to share my experience. IMG_20160217_134557

As it turns out, I got to use my oils right away. My husband had a nasty stomach bug last week that last 4+ days. I started to feel crampy and nauseous on Friday and decided to give the DiGize oil a shot. It’s supposed to be good for tummy troubles. I was really scared that my symptoms were going to erupt into all the nasty symptoms my husband had.

About every 2-3 hours I drank a little water with a drop or two of DiGize. I did that for two days and today I feel so much better! The oil seemed to alleviate my symptoms and pain right away and I didn’t get the non stop diarrhea my husband had (sorry, tmi!).

If you use essential oils, I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I am not an aromatherapist, and I have no formal essential oil training. This post (and all other posts about essential oils) should never take the place or be considered a substitution for a doctor’s advice. The information contained in these posts are for educational and entertainment purposes only. They are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or ailment. Please do your own research and make your own informed decisions when you are considering lifestyle and health changes.

Unpacking, Putting Away, Getting Out

After our trip to WA to see my side of the family for Thanksgiving, we got back home last night after running into some unprecedented traffic. The girls did amazingly well. I always love getting back into Oregon. Climate wise, one could say that Washington and Oregon are pretty similar, but Oregon is always my favorite.

IMG_3110I detest packing, and I detest unpacking just slightly less. It is all done though, clothes put away, suitcases back under the bunk bed, mail sorted and opened. After conquering the dishes, Abrielle and I got the happy task of taking down the fall decorations and pulling out all the Christmas decorations. I know a lot of folks have already done this, but I’m a bit of a purist and I like Thanksgiving to have its day before I move forward with Christmas.

One of my favorite childhood memories is decorating the Christmas tree. We always had a real one growing up and I loved getting out the tinsel and the ornaments. My mom always had the delicate, glass ones carefully wrapped and she carefully hung those high on the tree. The less fragile ornaments were bulging out of a produce sack and were lovingly sorted through as my sisters and I grabbed for our favorites to hang them. I’ve always been a hodge podge Christmas tree kind of person, although I have admired many carefully coordinated trees as well. When you look at someone’s hodge podge tree, it represents a piece of that family. First Christmas ornaments, old family pictures, that one year with the salt dough ornaments. IMG_3109

Living in an apartment with space at a premium, our tree is a fake, two foot high tree. It’s tiny and charming and this year, really loaded with ornaments. Abrielle is more aware of this season than ever. She saw some Christmas decorations on some light poles and exclaimed today, “It’s Christmas outside, Mommy!” So here’s to the season!

I would love it if you took a moment to comment below and share how you decorate your tree!

Monday Madness

Another weekend gone and here is Monday again! Crazy how that happens. We had a pretty quiet weekend here because my youngest daughter has been sick with a cold. Today I’m catching up on what I call “the red tape of life.” You know…signing the life insurance policy, getting shopping done, making a meal plan for the week. IMAG0366_1

A few things that are making today that much better….

Yogi Chai Rooibos Tea. My mom brought me some and I’m really enjoying it. It’s a big treat especially since I cut out coffee (only decaf occasionally) about 3 weeks ago.

She Reads Truth Bible study. It’s an app on my phone and some of the reading plans are free and some cost just a couple bucks. Since I’m on my phone A LOT it makes it that much easier to do my Bible study.

Periscope. I’m completely new to Periscope but I’m been following Money Saving Mom there. It’s fun because after you’ve installed the app on the phone and “followed” someone, your phone will alert you when that person is “live.” It’s fun to jump in on the live video stream and it feels very low commitment to me.


5 Things to Do Before the Year Ends

At church our pastor said, “Only a few more weeks ’till Christmas!” Eek! It really is, and the end of the year will be here soon as well. Here are 5 things I need to do before the year ends.

Finish Alsea’s baby book. Ironically, I’ve done a better job keeping up on her book than on Abrielle’s baby book. Probably because I realized that no, you really won’t remember how old they were when they rolled over. IMAG0323

Buy a new calendar for the year. Amazon has a great selection of inexpensive and fun calendars for the year. We’re getting a Disney Pixar calendar.

Take Abrielle to the art studio. Some friends of ours kindly gave us a punch card for the Young at Art studio that is just 7 minutes from our apartment. I need to carve out some time to take Abrielle to create something.

Make a Christmas wreath. I have a fall wreath that a friend made me, but I would really like to make a Christmas themed wreath for our door. If things go as planned, this might happen at a girl’s craft night!

Make our biannual family photo album. I albumsused to scrapbook but realized I wasn’t enjoying it anymore and it was too hard to get it done with little kids. Now, I create an album online twice a year and order it. Easy peasy.

What things do you need to do before 2016 arrives?