3 Ways to Stay Sane as a SAHM

For those not familiar with the lingo, “SAHM” stands for Stay at Home Mom. And that’s me. Lately it’s been feeling like an incredible amount of work and I’ve been rather overwhelmed. We were sick with various viruses for nearly 2 months, which put me farther and farther behind on cleaning and various household tasks. I’ve really had to sift through my task list and prioritize to keep myself but going crazy and becoming too exhausted. Here are 3 things I’m doing to stay sane.housewife-23868_1280

1. Napping or resting during naptime. It’s so tempting to run around getting stuff done while the kids are out of my hair. However, that means that when they wake up I’m exhausted from all the things I was doing. Even if I don’t nap, I force myself to lie down on the couch. I either read, watch a show, or surf the internet.

2. Writing things down the second I think of them. There are so many little things I have to do, some more important than others. Long ago, I abandoned the idea that I might actually remember things on my own, and the second the thought occurs to me, I write it down. I have a grocery app on my phone where keep a list of food I need to buy. I have several task lists on my phone and one on the fridge.

3. Clocking off when the kids go to bed. Generally, I stop all work when my kids go to bed. I think of it as clocking off. I stop running laundry. I stop trying to do dishes. I stop making phone calls. I wash my face, brush my teeth, and enjoy some tea or a treat while reading or watching a show.

What keeps you sane during the week?


4 Fun Ways to Beat a Boring Afternoon

The title of this post should really be “4 Fun Ways to Beat a Boring Afternoon When You Have Very Small Children.” But that seemed a little long for a blog post header. You know what kind of afternoons I’m talking about? The ones where naps ended way too early and dinnertime is still MUCH too far away and you’ve got hours and hours of the day left.


  1. Get a coffee and go to the park. This is one of my favorite options because I get coffee (win!) and there’s nothing like being outdoors to calm the mommy and the kiddos. Plus, you never know who you might run into. Abrielle is always super disappointed if we go the park and there are no other children. She asks, “Where are all the friends?”
  2. Window shop at the mall. This is especially nice for a day when the weather is uncooperative. Strap the kids in the stroller and walk around. I like to use this time for brainstorming upcoming holiday gifts and get ideas for projects or house decorations.
  3. Go to the library. This is an easy one, but it’s free and our library has a super fun “discovery room” that actually has toys and education activities. Great way to kill time.
  4. Drive to a local shopping area and bribe children with trip to the pet store. Yeah, I’m guilty of this one a lot. I really just want an excuse to browse at Michael’s and look at craft supplies, but I bribe Abrielle by saying we’ll stop at the pet store afterwards and look at the animals.

What do you like to do with a boring afternoon?

She Holds My Heart

I wanted to do a “Happy 4 Month” post about Abrielle, but she’s going to be 5 months old in a couple weeks, so it’s a little late for that. My little girl has such a grip on my heart and I so don’t want to forget this special time when she is still so little. Of course, many more fun years lie ahead of us, but this time strikes me as particularly noteworthy.

At the pumpkin patch

At the pumpkin patch

All About Abrielle:

-She has become so interactive–when we’re out in public, she picks a random person out of the crowd to grin at.

-After she smiles at someone, she likes to bury her head in my shoulder and hide.

-She loves standing and can actually stand by herself if I stand her next to a short chair or table.

-We moved her out of our room and into her room to sleep in her crib at night. It has been great! That way I can keep it a little warmer in her room and generally she sleeps from about 10:30pm to 7:30 or 8am.
-She loves playing and jumping in the jumper.
-She rolled over for the first time on November 8th and has done so several times since. She’s not real consistent about it though–I think her cloth diaper gets in the way.
-She enjoys playing with and grasping toys now…especially Baldue the cat. I don’t think Baldue likes her very much, but has so far been very good.
-She has a hard time focusing when she’s nursing now. She stops frequently to look around and smile at me.
-Now she actually seems to enjoy taking a walk out in the stroller. Sadly, the weather prevents much walking.

-She gives her daddy a special smile when he gets home from work.

Standing with Daddy

Standing with Daddy

Hanging with Daddy

Hanging with Daddy

At Cedar's restaurant in Detroit Lake

At Cedar’s restaurant in Detroit Lake

Showing off her sitting by herself skills

Showing off her sitting by herself skills





Everyday at Our House

I didn’t manage a picture every single day, but I did get quite a few pictures for my picture challenge.

This first one is a picture of laundry in the middle of being folded and put away. Before Abrielle, we only did 2 loads a week. Now I think I do 5-6 loads a week.

Next up is tummy time for Abrielle. She really doesn’t like it but she’s getting better at it.

Here is Abrielle looking in the mirror before her bath. She’s not quite sure what to think of the “other baby.”

In the green bag are the clothes she has outgrown already. Every week I go through her clothes and add in clothes that might fit now. She has so many cute outfits I don’t want her to miss any of them!

This last is a picture of my kitchen while I’m in the middle of making spaghetti sauce. I was reminded yesterday that I am “living the dream.” When I was little, I pictured myself with a baby, in my house, cooking dinner while waiting for my husband to come home. And what do you know? That is what I am doing!

If  you did a picture challenge of your own, please comment on this post and share!

She’s Here!

My daughter Abrielle arrived late on Friday, July 20th, via c-section. 6 lbs 1 oz, 19 inches long.


In the NICU holding Abrielle

I love her prettiness!


Our new little family