Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

Four years ago today, I attended a birthday party for this weird guy, Carson. Little did I know, I would marry him a couple years later. Carson is my best friend and I’m so glad God made him to be my husband. Here are 5 awesome things about my hubby:

1) He is nice to everybody. This is one of the first things I noticed (and appreciated) about him. He is always kind and friendly to everyone, regardless of what “group” they belong to. He never treats someone like a lesser person.

2) He lets me have my bad moods. When I’m sad or grumpy, he doesn’t run in and try and fix things. Instead, he provides a shoulder to cry on if I want to, and the space/time for me to work things out on my own.

3) Following Jesus is a huge priority in his life. I’m counting on God, not us, to keep our marriage healthy. I know we have the ability to stay together because Carson follows Christ.

4) He has a young soul. He humors me in ways no one else would. E.g. making up a story just for me before bed just because I asked. We laugh together, enjoy being silly together, and play games together.

5) He is one of the most patient people I know. He doesn’t snap at people who are being annoying, he doesn’t get mad at me when I make mistakes, and he patiently listens to stories that I’m sure I’ve told him 50 times already.

Happy 26th Birthday, Hubby!


On Growing Up and Settling Down

“Settling down” almost seems like a bad word. Like once you start on that path, your life will lack adventure. Hubby and I spent last weekend at my parents’ lake house in Washington. Now that my three sisters are all well into their teen years, the house is filled with energy, excitement and giggling. It’s definitely fun to watch, but I found myself feeling tired very quickly. What has happened to me? Have I become boring?

When I was a little girl (around 8 yrs old), I remember one evening we had a babysitter come over. My sisters and I demanded that our babysitter play house with us, a pasttime that involved eating imaginary food and pretending to be an imaginary family. The sitter looked at us wistfully and said, “I can’t really play that anymore.” I was appalled. Horrified. What kind of jaded world was this where you forgot how to PLAY?  I promised myself that I would never get that way.

16 years later…I don’t “play” house. I live in a small, two bedroom apartment, and keeping it up is what I do with much of my time. And you know what? It’s actually fun. This is the “real thing.” I actually take joy in deep cleaning behind the oven (for the first time in 2 years).

I’ll end with this. As I’ve grown up and settled down, I’m finding it doesn’t take much to make me happy. It could be a really good sale on Lysol wipes, the smell of clean sheets on laundry day, or just knowing that someone could pull out my oven, look behind it, and find that it is spotless.

Trying to Sleep

My brain never wants to sleep. My body wants to sleep. My eyelids are closing. But my brain is doing a little dance trying to distract me with a last minute stab at budgeting and last night, a trip down memory lane. When I’m trying to quiet my brain down and get to sleep, I forgo the old sheep counting trick and instead picture myself in a restful place.

I imagine that I’m 7 years old again–outside for the day lying on a carpet of lush, green grass. As I gaze up at a perfectly clear blue sky, I find animals in the clouds. It doesn’t get any more restful than that. Except last night.

Imagining myself as a child reminded me of my Great Aunt Donavie and Uncle R.B. My very first memory of her is driving down to Oregon for a visit. At the time, I was really into making those little nylon potholders. When we arrived, we found her in the bedroom finishing up her makeup. I was intensely curious since my mom never wore makeup. My Uncle R.B. had immediately “legend” status because he had a hook on one arm. He had lost his arm many years earlier in a logging accident.

I haven’t seen my Great Aunt Donavie in many years (and Uncle R.B. since has passed away), but here are a few things I enjoy remembering about her.

  1. How much she loved her little dog, Abear. He was definitely her “baby” and when we arrived at her house, Donavie would inevitably be stealthily feeding him a special treat. I will never forget walking into her kitchen and seeing the dog standing in the cake pan.
  2. The sweet way she made me feel individually special. There are adults who you doubt if they were ever children themselves. Then there are adults who have that special lilt in their voice and way of making a child feel how treasured they are. Donavie was definitely the latter. She made loading the dishwasher fun!
  3. One way Donavie made me feel special is my whispering little secrets to me. Sneaking a little extra ice cream in our bowls (“Don’t tell your dad.”). Making gravy from a powdered mix (“Shh, hide that. Don’t tell.”).
  4. The stories she would tell about being a teenager and handsome Uncle R.B. coming around to woo her.

I don’t have any great moral lesson to pull out of this segment of memories, but I did come across this quote.

“God gave us memories that we might have roses in December.” ~J.M. Barrie, Courage, 1922

The perfume makes me smile.

A little whimsical…

I know I claimed that this post would be about antique finds, but I lied. It will be some antique finds, and also just some things I really liked at the shops we visited while in Lincoln City (and Depoe Bay). First up, hand blown glass pieces…

I love how vivid the colors are

I thought these were also incredible

If I were the witch in "Snow White," I would have utilized these beauties

How adorable would this be in a children's room (on a very high shelf)?

These looked very fragile to me

Which of these is your favorite?

I am thankful for…

Thanksgiving Break! I haven’t actually had a break like this since….I don’t know when. But as it turns out, today was my last day of work for the next 10 days. 🙂 I crammed in as many hours as I could this week and now I am very tired. And reminded that I am thankful for a lot of things.

Today I am thankful for:

1) Totinoes Pizza. Yes, it’s cheap pizza. It’s also only $1.12 at Winco and perfect for two exhausted people on a Friday night.

2) Laser pointers. Think Baldue plus Sarah plus laser pointer. Bwhaha.

3) Heat. It is very cold tonight even after some amazing hot chocolate.

4) Yahtzee. A game where I can come sort of close to beating Carson. Unlike Scrabble. After Carson got a bingo five moves into the game, I folded. Never playing that game with him again. Needlers? Really? He’s been playing too much Halo.