Homemade Jam

Help! I need room in my freezer. My ambitious self picked close to 5 gallons of blackberries this summer. My ambitious self forgot how small my apartment freezer is. So I thought, “Hey, I’ll make freezer jam!” Except that the freezer part is the problem. Growing up, I helped my mom make jam a couple times, but now it seemed a lot more complex than that. But, now I’m on the heels of a very large shopping trip involving the freezer section at Costco, and I need my freezer space. My good friend Mike supplied jars, lids, tongs, and a “canning pot.” I have to admit, it wasn’t so much hard as just a lot of steps. And a ton of sugar! Goodness.

Happily, my adventure resulted in 5 lovely cans of blackberry jam and the lids all sealed! Happy day! Notes to myself for next time:

-I should have spent the $1.69 to get a funnel. Seriously.

-You can’t put a price on those nice rubberized tongs to pull the cans out of boiling water. They can save you from many a mishap…say, dropping a can of jam into the dirty dishwater. 😦

I ended up not having enough lids sadly, so I have some “refrigerator jam.”