Pregnant Hunger

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Mommy’s Nursery

I was going to title this post, “Abrielle’s Nursery,” but the truth is, the nursery is for me. The mommy. This is the story of how my mom came for a nice, long visit and we took chaos and created order. How we transformed a former “man cave” into a nursery.

When hubby and I first moved into our apartment, he claimed our second bedroom as his “man cave” and video game room. This is code for, “Do not decorate here, Wifey.” I did not. I left the walls bare. I allowed dust to accumulate. I didn’t put curtains up.

The time of the man cave had to eventually end, and it ended last week (actually, hubby has been moved out of there for a while, but random junk was still scattered everywhere). I wish I had taken a before and after picture of the organizing/dejunking that happened. It was amazing. After we accomplished that, we painted one of the walls gray.

My mom painting the wall.

I helped a little.

The nursery theme is Babar; you may be familiar with this wonderful story.

I was hoping to frame a few pages from the Babar books. We made some great color copies and painted some wood frames from Craft Warehouse.

Me, painting

They turned out so cute!

Finally, my mom and I made some curtains for the window and our nursery adventure was pretty much complete (plus, we were out of time). And, my mom made a little blanket for Abrielle with the leftover curtain fabric.